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Scientific research has proved what you as a (prospective) parent already instinctively know: that breast feeding is the best baby food.
egypte louvreThe composition and protective properties of a mother's milk therefore play an important role in building up the immune system, the development of the brain and the nervous system. More and more (prospective) parents want to breast-feed their baby. Feeding your baby yourself is not usually difficult, but there may be situations in which it does not always happen on its own accord. Information and support is then important.

The starting point is that mother and baby are well, based on the 4 requirements of: rest, regularity, hygiene and day to day reality.

Every mother and her baby form a unique combination. Because circumstances differ, the way individuals breast-feed also differs. Sometimes the advice given just makes it very confusing. A lactation consultant can help in finding solutions to suit you and your baby.